Everything vs. Nothing

Starting off, welcome to my blog. I consider my blog to be my very own private yet public space. The name Everything vs. Nothing could mean a lot of things, but I chose it specifically to convey this meaning: I’m into so many things, and I’m always open to exploring more likes and dislikes, my blog isn’t only about one thing, it’s about everything and so it’s about nothing, nothing specific at least.

This is not my first blog, but it will be the first blog I take seriously. I haven’t taken the previous one seriously because I wasn’t ready to share my thoughts, and I wasn’t confident enough to make them public. I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone though, and just go for it.

I believe in living life to the fullest, positivity, and persistence. I believe in changing and developing, but I also believe in acceptance. I change my mind and my opinions quite often, but that’s only because I experience “the other side” and so I tend to stop myself from judging too fast, or at least not judging something negatively before I understand it.

So since I believe in making the most out of life, this is where I’ll express that life. Life is all about experience, and as cliche as that sounds, you’ll never know how something feels unless you actually go through it yourself. Be patient, expect the best, and don’t judge too fast.

Here goes experience, reflection, and a lot of writing!

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