Crappy Photos of an Exciting Moment!

Due to my long term passion for Graphic Design, I’ve been a huge fan of Novum ever since I found out about it a few years ago. I used to see it on my favorite’s professor’s desk during college days and think, “I wish I worked there.” Time flew by and the 5 years of college were over. Today, almost exactly a year later, I don’t think the same. I don’t want to work in Novum, because over the years I discovered that I dislike practicing editorial design, I’d rather have more freedom. I still love Novum though, it always features great content, it’s bilingual, and it’s internationally available, not to mention the very unique and well done covers.

Today wasn’t the best day of my life, it was fine, but I wouldn’t call it a good day. I got home after a long day at work full of back and forth phone calls with an important client, and let’s just say, it wasn’t going so well. As soon as I got home, I was relieved.

“Finally,” I thought. “I’ll call this a day.” As soon as I look at my bed, I find a package, I’d describe it as a beautiful package because it’s the second package I’ve received in my whole life, and other packages I’ve seen here in Egypt aren’t very beautiful. The writing on the outside was in German. The package had big black typography on a red sticker, and it said, “LIEFERSCHEIN – RECHNUNG, PACKING LIST – INVOICE.”

I had just phoned a friend right before I glimpsed the package and it only took me a few minutes of friendly chatting until I realized that it’s here, it’s finally here!

A few months ago, one of my favorite professors from college, as well as my mentor when it comes to my typographic ambitions, sent me an email telling me he’s writing an article in Novum. The exciting news was, he was co-supervising a project done by a couple of friends and I, and he thought it was creative enough to be included as student work. I was ecstatic of course! I thought, “Novum! My project in Novum! OUR project in Novum!” I quickly checked with my team mates about their approval, and they un-hesitantly¬†said yes. Back then, my professor said it’s still going to be sent to Novum for approval, and that he’s not sure whether it will be selected or not.

A few weeks later, it was confirmed, we were in, and we were sending our correct information for perfect results of the feature. It was probably one of my most exciting achievements! Today was the day, the package finally arrived, after weeks and weeks of anticipation, and then more weeks of forgetfulness.

Today, I had a tangible achievement in my hands, it might seem small to more experienced designers, but it’s pretty big to me, and I’m proud of it, that’s why I couldn’t wait to share it. And since I love sharing the good times, here are some -very crappy- photos of the moment. I recently lost my digital camera so I had to use my phone’s.

I’m also adding some more pictures of the whole project. The designs are done by Laila Hassaballa (me), Nada El Sayed, and Aya Omar Genedy. Any feedback about the blog post or the project would be highly appreciated.

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