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Overflowing Happiness

Every once in a while, when I’m feeling aloof, I like to look within. One way of doing that is by bringing out my box of tarot cards and having a reading or a few. Before your mind goes far, you have to understand the purpose behind them. Tarot cards give you insight, they don’t tell you what to do. It’s like, showing you different options, so your brain starts working and you start encountering different emotions. It’s all based on energy (which I strongly believe in) and what you decide to do is decided by you and only you, according to your intuition, not necessarily how the card is explained. Cards that say suppression, schizophrenia, or letting go aren’t necessarily negative, it’s all about your perception and the situation. Just like positive cards might not be exactly what you want, but they give you insight.

One of my very favorite cards is the Queen of Fire “Sharing.” In order to understand the beauty of its meaning, read the commentary below:

“The Queen of Fire is so rich, so much a queen, that she can afford to give. It doesn’t even occur to her to take inventories or to put something aside for later. She dispenses her treasures without limits, welcoming all and sundry to partake of the abundance, fertility and light that surrounds her. When you draw this card, it suggests that you too are in a situation where you have an opportunity to share your love, your joy and your laughter. And in sharing, you find that you feel even more full. There is no need to go anywhere or to make any special effort. You find that you can enjoy sensuality without possessiveness or attachment, can give birth to a child or to a new project with an equal sense of creativity fulfilled. Everything around you seems to be “coming together” now. Enjoy it, ground yourself in it, and let the abundance in you and around you overflow.”

The first time I chose this card, I was over-whelmed. It’s powerful and meaningful, it’s all about you and others, it’s all about optimism. And every now and then, when selected, I remember the joy of that first time. I keep wondering though, what is it that helps us reach this state? Happiness doesn’t happen for a reason, that’s what I believe. Happiness happens through acknowledging that you need to be grateful, acceptance, and the decision or realizing that. I admit it’s not always easy. I still haven’t reached the wisdom of acknowledging the fact that I’m sometimes ungrateful, rebellious, and stubborn. But I think that one of the main reasons we become happy is when we’re surrounded by happy people.

Energy makes us, and we let it, we let it in, we push it out, and we must know that. All I want to say is, decide to be happy and remember overflowing happiness. Overflowing happiness does exist, it’s happiness that’s so happy, it’s indescribable. It’s happiness that makes you jump around. It’s happiness that makes your mouth and jaws hurt because of how much you’re smiling. It’s happiness that overflows, and no matter how much it overflows, and you share it with others, it increases. It only stops when you stop it, and stop sharing and acknowledging it. It’s happiness that everyone has gone through at a time in their life, for no valid reason. So next time you’re happy, hold on to it, stay happy, hug people, share it, cherish it, make it last and make the most out of it. Always remember that happiness is a decision, and when you forget that, remind yourself. We take this beautiful world for granted, because we’re happy only when we learn that we’re supposed to be happy for a reason, we forget that we don’t. Wake up and be happy, belong with a family and be happy, see the same people everyday and be happy, do everything you want to do, just be happy. It’s not about comparing yourself with others and seeing if you pass the world standards for happiness, it’s about you wanting to be happy and doing something about it.

I might not be so important to you, but I’m happy.

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