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White Egg Yolks: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Today, I had just started to prepare 2 eggs to eat. I cracked the first egg in a bowl, but as soon as I did, I noticed that the egg yolks were white, with only a slight hue of yellow. My first thoughts were, “this is strange, I don’t even know if it’s safe.” I thought I’d crack the other egg as well, but I made sure to crack it separately. Also white, I found that very strange. (The photos below make it look more yellow than it was, but you should still see that the contrast between the whites and the yolk is of transparency rather than color.)


I then had two choices, I could either scramble and eat them, not caring about how they looked, since they smelled normal, not spoiled or anything, or I could research to check that it’s safe at least, regardless of if they would taste bad. I did scramble one of them though.


I went with the second choice and I Google’d it. This is the first result I found. What the latest update said was: “The general consensus is that white egg yolks are perfectly safe to eat and the reason they’re white is a lack of pigment. Count yourself lucky if you ever find one – they’re pretty rare! Lots more information in the comments below.” So I thought I’d just take photos and show them to other friends online, and see if anyone had come across it. Most of them said they never had, and then one of them pointed me out to the fact that China makes fake eggs (Yes, even eggs!) 

Again with the choices, the first blogpost I found said that it’s rare, and that it’s just a lack of pigment, also that it’s safe to eat an egg laid by an “albino” chicken. I was just afraid about eating something completely unnatural, and when I looked into the matter, I found out that fake Chinese eggs are identified by a slightly shinier shell, they’re more rough, they would sound louder if you shake them, they don’t have the natural “rawness” smell in them, and finally that the egg whites and yolks melt together fast, without needing to be whisked. Here’s an article.

I checked all of them above, and concluded that they’re probably NOT fake Chinese eggs, just eggs of an albino chicken. I might be wrong, but if the info above is correct, then they were definitely natural and just rare.

The odd thing is, when I went away after I whisked one of the eggs, I returned to find it has turned into a bizarre, dark, yellow color with a hint of red in it. I didn’t cook that one.


I cooked the others, and they didn’t taste bad. They had less flavor, but they weren’t rotten or smelly. The omelette turned out to be a bit more white than regular omelettes, but the difference wasn’t that huge. 


So is it strange? Or have a lot of other people come across it?

If you’re wondering whether you should eat them or not, I ate mine, and I’m alive and well, so go for it. The reason I didn’t throw them away is because 4 eggs out of the same carton turned out with white yolks, so I expected the rest to be white as well, and I didn’t want to waste anymore.

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