Monthly Archives: March 2014

Looking Within

We spend so much of our time consumed by everything and everyone around us. Our senses are always gathering information from all around, turning situations into memories that are perceived by us in ways we aren’t even conscious about. We grow up into the precious human beings we are. Most often than not, living safely, limited by our pasts, even though they’re subliminal. Some people spend their lives on the surface, where it’s safe, waiting for the next thing someone suggests for them to do. Others question, and those are the ones who change the world.

It’s fascinating how memories are formed and then stored mostly in our unconscious, especially that the ones that give you your core values, insecurities and fears are mostly formed when you’re a child. The downside of that is, when we’re children, we don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right. I’m not talking about the obvious things like touching a mug that’s too warm or playing with electricity sockets. I’m talking about not being able to recognize healthy/unhealthy patterns of communication between the people and things that are in proximity to us. We are naturally more innocent, we are compassionate and we do things out of love. This also means that seeing people around you fighting constantly might have you justify this as normal in your head, because you love feeling positive, rather than feeling down.

Think of all the different small and big, subliminal and obvious, things that we’re surrounded by everyday. Give it a minute or two to really absorb that information. No wonder a lot of us are screwed.

This last statement sounds like it’s coming from a complete pessimist, while on the contrary, I would definitely call myself an optimist. I try to focus on the better side of the world, and I have hope about change, I have hope about humanity. Here’s the catch, knowing that we’re screwed is what makes us better. In fact, the more honest about it with ourselves, the more true to ourselves, and thus the closer we are to reaching our potential.

I always hear that we’re all here for a reason, we’re all here to impact in a way or another. And even though I believe in that fully, I would say it’s more out of optimism, rather than evidence. Because why do some people live without trying to find their purpose? Am I super intelligent for going on that journey, or is it pure luck? Was I just born this way, or have I done something that made me earn this? It’s a matter of nature vs. nurture for me.

These questions keep floating in my head, and I don’t have a guarantee that I’ve found the cure. But this one goes to honesty, letting go, and compassion.

Why do some people live without trying to find their purpose?

– Because it’s not easy to be honest, not at all. The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. They range from, “Life doesn’t have to have purpose because in the end we will all die and get a reward from God if we just suffer in silence,” to, “Who am I to impact others? I am not good enough.” It’s so sad how we respect and await other people’s approval so much, when we don’t even approve of ourselves. I admit it, it’s easier, it’s way easier to be on auto-pilot, blaming everything on our circumstances, when we aren’t anything but who we are. We aren’t the people who have influenced us, we are what we’ve chosen to be, and chosen to not be. My point is, we really are here for a reason, and this reason doesn’t have to be a goal or result, it could be the journey we take to find our purpose, this is where the magic happens.

Am I super intelligent or is it pure luck?

– Both. I am lucky, but I’m as lucky as anyone. We’ve all been blessed with something special, even those of us who are disabled are blessed. There have been loads of cases where people have been deprived of some senses, but they’ve proven to be equally gifted in another way, becoming prodigies.

And it’s not about intelligence, it’s about giving yourself the freedom to question, letting go of the should’s and shouldn’t’s that people expect from you. And finally …

Was I just born this way, or have I done something that made me earn this?

– You and I were born with compassion. Whether it’s been affected by our past is our choice, and it’s never too late to reconnect and align to it. You might not show compassion to the people around you, but that’s not what matters. What matters is, being compassionate to yourself, because if you really are, then you can’t be the opposite with people. Remember to give yourself the benefit of questioning, it might take a while of ups and downs, but in the end, you’ll be giving yourself the love you deserve, you will go to a place of joy, and this joy is what will change the world.